Interesting Links

If you love snorkeling and diving in Hawaii, you will want to check out John Hoover's website Hawaii's Fishes.

And for those of you that also love snorkeling and diving in Florida and the Caribbean, we are working on an Android app for you. In the mean time be sure to check out Sea Clicks.

Where to snorkel in Hawaii? You can check out Snorkel Hawaii book series.

And what about gear? There are great local shops on every island. Snorkel Bob's shops offer you the opportunity to rent gear on one island and return it on another.

Scuba diving in Hawaii is an amazing experience too. Professional shops, instructors and dive boats are available for all levels. We use Maui Dreams Dive Company.

For those that aren't able to get in the ocean for some reason but still want to experiene the amazing Hawaii coral reef environments, aquariums provide you the opportunity. Maui Ocean Center has been voted a number one tourist attraction in Hawaii and provide you and incredible view into the underwater world.