Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if we haven't answered your questions below.

Why does the app work only on Andriod 2.0 and higher?

The app does work on 1.6 but Marketplace requires an XML tag that triggers a bug in the Android 1.6 operating system. There is no work around for this bug; therefore it can't be made available on Marketplace. A version of the app that does work on Android 1.6 can be made available. Please contact us.


Why does the app look at my Contacts?

When editing a Logbook entry, users have the option to enter the names of buddies who were on a given snorkel or dive trip. For convenience, when you start typing names the app tries to find matching names in your contacts list. For this feature, the READ_CONTACTS permission is required. Note that the app does not modify the contacts list in any way (a separate permission would be required for that to occur).


What are the little numbers next to the photos?

The small numbers on the left and right side of the photos you see occassionaly in the detial view and in the slide show represent how many photos are on either side of that photo from the list you are viewing. If you are viewing a fish family with 7 members and you look at a the details for one in the middle of the list, you can fling right or left to move throught the family list. The small numbers represent how many are above and below in the list. The << and >> represent that you are at the top and bottom of the list but you can continue circularly through the list.


Why am I getting an occassional Force Close in the app?

We occasionally see those too, and we have fixed all potential causes we have been able to identify and reproduce. At this point all the known causes of app crashes reside in the Android OS. We're not trying to point the finger here -- it's more complicated than that. The Android operating system is a theaded environment and when any app is running there may typically be 6 to 12 or more threads in existance at any moment. Those threads execute in a non-deterministic order and sometimes they "stomp" on each other despite our best efforts. You may notice that other apps also sometimes die for no apparent reason. We suspect the same mechanism may at play in those cases as well.


Does the app run on the iPhone?

Hawaii Snorkel Fish does not but there is a similar app on the iPhone called Reef Fish Hawaii.


What else are you working on?

We hope to follow the Hawaii Snorkel Fish app with one for Florida and Caribbean fish. Plus we would like to know if there is interest in an expanded Hawaii reef fish version covering scuba diving depth fish. We are looking for other ideas, please contact us with suggestions!